Best Beef Jerky

Best Beef Jerky

If you see a lone hiker make it to a mountain’s highest peak, look in his pack. When you see a couple hop off their horses to rest, check out what’s hidden in their saddlebag. After a long day fishing on the river, see what the father-son duo grabs from their tackle box. You’re guaranteed to find the best beef jerky around-- Pemmican Beef Jerky. All natural and made with top ingredients, the best beef jerky can be found in the hands of nature-loving tradition. Pemmican Beef Jerky is the perfect snack for making any adventure memorable.

What Makes Pemmican the Best Beef Jerky?

  • Top-Quality Ingredients: Pemmican Beef Jerky is made with the best grass-fed beef and spices-- this means we control the product from pasture to package! The best beef jerky holds the natural taste of the great outdoors, for a snack break that feels like a snack sensation.

  • Healthy Choice: The best beef jerky is high in protein and low in fat. Pemmican promotes healthy lifestyles and our beef jerky is the perfect proof of that!

  • Flavors Galore: Let’s face it, everyone likes a little change! Pemmican shakes up the best beef jerky with a variety of flavors. Pemmican’s Teriyaki, Peppered and Brazilian Steakhouse are only a few of the mouthwatering flavors to choose from.

  • History Always Repeats Itself: Pemmican Beef Jerky has been an outdoor tradition for years! Invented by the Metis Tribe, the best beef jerky first came from buffalo. After years of changing the recipe, Pemmican has perfected the best beef jerky into a healthy, delicious snack for everyone.

Also try Pemmican Organic Beef Jerky for the best beef jerky with a healthier twist!

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After years of unforgettable traditions in the wild, now is the time to make your experience with Pemmican Beef Jerky memorable. Shop the best beef jerky now or call 888-644-0445 for more information.

Long before there was jerky... there was Pemmican!

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