Best Jerky

Judging the best jerky often comes by doing a taste test, but here at Pemmican we don’t need one. Our traditional beef jerky connects you to adventure, honest hard work and the full flavor of a tough, lingering beef jerky. Choosing Pemmican best jerky is the best thing you can do for yourself and your tastebuds.

Pemmican Best Flavors & Organic Jerky

Pemmican’s best jerky just got even better! We know our original jerky is the best jerky out there but we aren’t stopping there. At Pemmican we have jerky options in multiple flavors and organic recipes. Pemmican flavors or organic jerky provides the same authentic jerky with a twist. Pass it around the campfire, take it in the woods or wherever your next adventure lands you. When it comes to the best jerky, Pemmican is answer. Try Pemmican in these flavors or organic flavors now!

Why is Pemmican the Best Jerky?

If you’re looking for authentic, honest food then Pemmican is the right jerky for you. This organization is dedicated to the simple life, more than a quality snack high in protein and low in fat, Pemmican reconnects you to your roots in nature. Our best jerky represents a healthy lifestyle, connected to the great outdoors and timeless traditions. Grab Pemmican’s best jerky today!