Cheap Beef Jerky

Beef jerky can be expensive.  Go to any store and look for yourself, and you will see that your basically paying the same price as ground beef.  At Pemmican, we know jerky is a "snack" and snacks shouldn't cost a ton! 

But don't let the word cheap fool you--our prices are low but our quality is not! We produce some of the most delicious beef products on the market, with the highest quality beef and spices.  

Jerky is a snack for the every day man, the blue color man, the outdoors man, and that is why we sell our beefy jerky cheaper and more affordable than others, to make sure its in the back pocket of anyone who has a craving for our tasty beef snacks.

Cheap Pemmican Beef Products

Here at Pemmican, we make our affordable beef jerky and other beef products with simply the best possible ingredients.  All Pemmican beef products are made with grass-fed cattle. and is never shipped to a third party company for processing.  What are you waiting for? Start shopping now!

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