Grass Fed Beef

If you can’t pinpoint where your beef jerky came from or how the beef was raised-- don’t eat it! Stick to Pemmican’s grass fed beef jerky for an all-natural, full-flavored experience like none other. We work hard to make sure that our beef jerky is the best quality possible. This means no cutting corners and no third parties; we proudly control our grass fed beef from product to pasture. See for yourself why Pemmican is the number one name in grass fed beef jerky.

Pemmican is more than beef jerky. Pemmican is an outdoor tradition.

Why is Grass Fed Beef the Best Quality?

Pemmican’s grass fed beef jerky is a low fat, high protein snack that beats out the competition in a number of ways. Our grass fed beef:

  • Great source of saturated fat and cholesterol that our bodies need to function properly
  • No harmful additives, antibiotics or hormones
  • Includes omega fatty acids that may reduce heart disease
  • Also, has conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which supports the immune system and may help fight cancer

Choose Pemmican’s grass fed beef for a superior taste and quality snack. The variety in our jerky is perfect to pack for your next escape in the great outdoors. Be part of the tradition, try Pemmican’s grass fed beef jerky today... Authentic. Honest. Food.