Is Beef Jerky Healthy

Pemmican Beef Jerky is a high-protein, low-fat snacking option that you can take on the go. But is beef jerky healthy? You bet it is! Pemmican’s dedication is to the more basic traditions in life, such as, healthy food, good food, honest hard work and great times with friends and family. We make Pemmican beef jerky for those who make their own traditions everyday. Pemmican beef jerky is not just a snack, it's our way of reconnecting with the great outdoors, timeless traditions and healthy lifestyles.


How is Pemmican Beef Jerky Healthy?

Making the perfect cut of beef jerky takes time. That’s why we slow cure and hardwood smoke thick cuts of 100 percent, pure beef to create a healthy and portable snack. Pemmican beef jerky is exclusively made from only grass-fed beef. We control our product from the pasture to packaging. No third parties or cutting corners ensures our beef jerky maintains the industries highest standards. So the next time you ask, is beef jerky healthy? Turn to Pemmican for a healthy beef jerky snack!

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Choose Pemmican for your Next Healthy Snack

Looking to purchase some of our natural beef jerky for yourself? Search for a supplier near you with our store locator or shop natural beef jerky online today! Give your taste buds a treat and let them enjoy the delicious taste of Pemmicans’ Natural Beef Jerky!