Natural Beef

Beef is beef right? It’s all natural meat from an animal. Or is it? You may not believe it, but there is a significant difference in grain-fed beef and grass-fed beef. Just like your diet affects your body, whatever an animal eats affects its body, and therefore the beef made from it. Sound a little complicated for beef? It’s not. When you buy Pemmican Beef Jerky, you are purchasing the highest quality of grass fed, natural beef around! So, just keep in mind that grass-fed beef is natural beef, and that the benefits of natural beef greatly outweigh those of grain-fed beef or processed beef.

  1. Natural beef has less fat, which can lower LDL cholesterol levels (all that bad cholesterol).
  2. When beef is this lean, it has less calories.
  3. Low in bad fat, but high in good fat! We’ve all heard of Omega-3s!

By now, how could you eat anything but natural beef? Get all the goodness of natural beef from Pemmican Beef Jerky!

Pemmican Natural Beef Jerky

Pemmican is all about the basic traditions of life, and our food reflects that. Pemmican jerky is made from 100 percent natural beef and is high in protein and low in fat! Pemmican does not use any third parties, so the beef goes straight from the pasture into beef products. Aside from jerky, Pemmican also has beef brisket and organic jerky. Try all the Pemmican products to see which you love the most!

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Pemmican beef jerky is the best tasting natural beef jerky out there! Don’t believe it? Try for yourself and you’ll be in for a treat! Call with any questions at 800-644-0445.

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