Natural Beef Jerky

Long ago natives of this land hunted in the forests and fished in the waters searching for fresh natural meat to eat. When these hunters left their homes and villages, they brought natural beef jerky. Pemmican has kept this tradition in providing the best natural beef jerky that has been passed down from our ancestors.

We only use the Best Ingredients in our Natural beef Jerky

Here at Pemmican our natural beef jerky is exclusively made from grass-fed beef. We control our product throughout the raising process from the pasture to package. Our dedication to maintaining the industries highest standards are kept by not cutting any corners. That’s why we slow cure and hardwood smoke thick-cut slices of 100 percent pure natural beef for a lasting and tasteful snack. Pemmican beef jerky is the best beef jerky for so many reasons!

Pemmican Natural Beef Jerky Products

Pemmican offers a variety of natural beef jerky flavors, including:

  • Original beef Jerky

  • Peppered Beef Jerky

  • Hot and Spicy Beef Jerky

  • Teriyaki Beef Jerky

  • Brazilian Steakhouse Jerky

  • Organic Beef Jerky (Original, Peppered & Teriyaki)

Buy Pemmican Natural Beef Jerky Today

Looking to purchase some of our natural beef jerky for yourself? Search for a supplier near you with our store locator or shop natural beef jerky online today! Give your taste buds a treat and let them enjoy the delicious taste of Pemmicans’ natural beef jerky!