Organic Beef

When it comes to living a healthy organic life, beef may come across as an expensive meat that has to be bought in the form of steaks and burgers.  Pemmican Beef Jerky, is another way to enjoy organic beef and it's portable, so it can be taken anywhere while you are enjoying your active lifestyle.  Pemmican Beef Jerky is made with people living an organic lifestyle in mind.  We know how important it is to you to be eating organic fed animals and that is the only beef we use here at Pemmican.  All our cows are natural, grass fed cattle, giving them a great natural taste.  Our jerky also uses the very best in natural ingredients to bring out that fresh organic beef jerky flavor.

Organic Beef Jerky for Sale

When it comes to delicious, organic beef jerky, it may be hard to find in your specific area.  But, fear not friends!  You can now order Pemmican organic beef snacks online and have them shipped directly to your door.  For those lucky folks who live close to Pemmican distributors check out our store locator tool and for those not in the area you have to log into our online shop!

Organic Beef Jerky Flavors

Pemmican organic beef jerky comes in many great flavors that will satisfy whatever craving you are currently having!  Check out all our great products below:

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