Organic Jerky

Here at Pemmican were more than just a high-protein, low-fat snacking option. We make beef jerky for those who enjoy everyday life with good food, honest hard work and great times with friends. Thats why we're introducing Pemmican’s new Organic Beef Jerky. An Authentic and honest Pemmican food.

New Pemmican Organic Jerky

Our new Organic Jerky reconnects snackers with nature and healthier lifestyles. Made with organic beef and spices. Our organic jerky is high in protein and low in fat. With no MSG, no preservatives and no nitrites added, this is how nature intended jerky to be enjoyed. Our organic jerky comes in many great flavors, including:

  • Original

  • Peppered

  • Teriyaki

We control our product from the pasture to packaging, and never cut corners to maintain the industry's highest standards for product integrity. We slow cure and hardwood smoke thick-cut slices of 100 percent pure beef to produce a satisfying snack that will last. So order a bag of the best, natural, organic jerky!

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