Organic Pemmican

When you have that craving that cannot be satisfied with anything but beef jerky, you just need to give in and let your taste buds be happy. But wait, roadblock, you’re having a hard time finding a quality jerky of the organic Pemmican variety. Well we have good news for you -- you’ve found it!

Organic Pemmican Jerky Flavors

There is nothing better than beef jerky, except organic Pemmican beef jerky. And in this case Pemmican has your back. Not only do we offer an organic option for our amazingly, delicious jerky snacks, but it comes in multiple flavors as well to fit your exact craving. Check ‘em out:

All of our jerky is 100 percent pure beef and comes from grass-fed cattle. It’s the perfect snack to take with you on the go, whether you’re commuting, hiking, or even going to the gym. This low-fat, high-protein organic treat contains no MSG, preservatives, or nitrites. So you can rest easy knowing that our organic Pemmican products are top-notch and good for you too.

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