What Is Pemmican

What is Pemmican you may ask? We make Pemmican beef jerky for those who want to make their own new traditions everyday. If it’s your morning workout ritual, enjoying a ball game or an annual camping trip, Pemmican beef jerky is not just a snack, it's our way of reconnecting you to the great outdoors, timeless traditions and healthier lifestyles.

What Makes Pemmican Special?

Pemmican products are made exclusively from only grass-fed beef. We control our product from the pasture all the way to packaging, to ensure we produce an all natural and healthy snack for everyone to enjoy.

We don’t include third parties and cut corners when making Pemmican Beef Jerky. Its all apart of our focused dedication to maintain our product to the industries highest integrity standards. What is Pemmican can be summed in the Pemmican pledge. Pemmican makes great beef jerky for those who respect, appreciate and enjoy the great outdoors.  

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Here at Pemmican we slow cure and hardwood smoke thick cuts of 100 percent pure beef. Creating a high in protein, low-fat snacking option, you can take on your travels through the great outdoors. Looking to purchase Pemmican Beef Jerky for yourself? Search for a supplier near you with our store locator or shop online today! No products found in this collection.